Safe And Secure Way For Computer Recycling

By Adriana Noton

Computers emerged as a necessity in today’s technology-driven world. Computer and computer related devices such as iPads, are now used in almost every aspect of our daily lives whether it is for such purposes as: entertainment, business, social, research, shopping, and much more. In this era of rapidly evolving technology, it is important to consider green solutions when disposing of computers and computer related devices. There is a lot of waste generated from these devices such as toxic chemicals, metals, and plastics. Computer recycling is an important method of safely and securely disposing of these electronic devices.

Computer recycling is the process of recovering or salvaging the computers, by which they can be disassembled in a safer way and used for an entirely different purpose or in different products.


The major purpose of recycling computers and other electronics is to ensure that toxins do not end up in landfills where they can leach into the soil and affect the environment, including the water table. As well, reusing computers such as refurbishing them means less computers are being constructed which means less metals such as tin, silicon, iron, and aluminum are being used and less waste is being generated in the manufacturing of the computers.

Whether you recycle your computer, give it to a charity, or sell it, it is important to delete the data so that someone else does not find sensitive personal information. Deleted data can often be retrieved if the data is not permanently destroyed. If not properly deleted, the data points are still retrievable so someone with the right tools can retrieve data on the drive. Measures you can take to permanently delete data include taking a hammer to the disk and there are companies that put the disk through a shredder which physically alters it and thereby alters the magnetic storage media. A certificate confirming that the data has been destroyed will be given to you.

There are a number of methods of recycling computers which include: consumer recycling, corporate recycling, donation, and return to the company. Consumer recycling is giving the computer to a needy charity. Returned to the company will involve the company with a established recycle program taking the computers back for proper disposal or refurbishing.

It is important to take personal responsible to reducing waste in a proper and safe manner. When recycling computers, it is important to do it the right way and give to to the right organization. This will ensure the computer is properly recycled since there are risks involved in losing your data. However, you can take advantage of methods that will ensure your data is properly destroyed which will eliminate the risk of financial loss and identity theft. Recycling your computer in a safe and secure way to dispose of your old computer and it helps protect the environment. The next time you are replacing your computer or other electronic device, make sure you properly recycle it to help the environment and to help someone who cannot afford a brand new computer.

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