Carpet Steam Cleaners For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Submitted by: Lauren Zwiebel

If you own a contract cleaning or car wash business, you cannot afford to compromise on the quality of the equipment you purchase. Carpet steam cleaners are the primary requirement for any professional cleaning company. Good quality carpet steam cleaners are low-maintenance, high-output machines that offer quality service.

Modern carpet steam cleaners have eliminated many of the problems associated with carpet cleaning. These machines allow faster cleaning of carpets than hand washing them. With specialized technologies top machines minimize drying times without limiting the cleaning power, in contrast to the high-flow machines on the market that require more than 24 hours for carpets to fully dry after cleaning. For the highest productivity in cleaning multiple carpets, you must invest in one of these fast, effective, and powerful commercial carpet cleaners.

Convenient Features

High end commercial carpet steam cleaners have features that make them more convenient for use. For example, carpet cleaning professionals often look for machines that use minimal water for the entire cleaning cycle. The reason is not hard to find. The less water you use, the lower your bills. It also means less strain on environment and lesser possibility of being fined for excessive water runoff.


When you are working on client location, you need to be even more careful about water use. Many professional carpet cleaners must work in areas with low water supply. When working in these areas, look for machines with low flow technology.

One of the biggest problems with using more water for cleaning is that carpets take longer to dry out completely. Moist carpets catch dirt faster and they give rise to molds. Moist carpets also emit strong odors, and these odors often penetrate the wood floors below the carpet.

To eliminate the problems that arise from high water consumption, many dealers now offer low flow machines. Low flow rug shampooers have greater water efficiency. They use less water for cleaning carpets, leading to carpet drying times as low as two hours. This offers great benefits to professional carpet cleaners and their customers.

High Temperature

Low flow technology is not the only factor when deciding about carpet steam cleaners. Many carpets need to be washed with hot water in order to become completely clean. In commercial areas with many visitors, carpets tend to soil very fast. They retain grease, mud, food residues, pollen, pet hair, and other types of dirt. Even carpets in homes and less crowded areas are often hotbeds of allergens, including dander, pollen, dust mites, and so on. These can be removed to a great extent with the use of commercial carpet cleaners. These machines achieve maximum temperatures up to 210 F.

Non-heated systems are also available and often required in lighter commercial cleaning applications and when cleaning heat-sensitive carpet and upholstery materials.

Non-stop Operation

This is an important feature for any machine used for commercial applications. When you have a deadline, you want a machine that can work nonstop. Most low end machines are not up to the task. You need rug shampooer and rug steam cleaner designed for high-capacity or even non-stop use.

When buying a carpet cleaner, check if it has large solution and recovery tanks. Industrial models may also have automatic water fill and disposal capacity. This minimizes the time spent by the operator in filling and discarding water during the cleaning cycle.

Professional carpet cleaners should always look for quality. Many dealers offer top quality products at affordable prices. There is no reason to choose a substandard product simply because it is low cost.

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