Is Bontril A Real Solution For Obesity?

Submitted by: Charles Volcalatte

Bontril is an anorexigenic or anorectic which means it is a drug that is used to cure obesity. It is a prescription-based weight loss drug therefore it can only be used upon the recommendation of a doctor and cannot be purchased without a prescription. Furthermore, users can only take the drug under medical supervision thus having regular consultations with a doctor is also required.

Phenidimetrazine is the generic name of Bontril. This weight loss medication is similar to an amphetamine in chemical composition in that it stimulates the central nervous system possibly resulting in metabolic effects which may also aid in the burning of fat. Doctors prescribe this drug as a treatment for obesity by helping obese people control their appetite. It is to be used alongside a serious diet and exercise weight loss program.

A Word of Caution

One extremely important thing to note about Bontril is that it is habit forming. If used beyond the prescribed period of time, users can become physically and psychologically dependent on it and upon stopping may experience withdrawal symptoms. Because of this it is essential that users discuss with their doctors how to gradually cease from the taking the medication.


Bontril is also known to produce serious side-effects including allergic reaction, irregular heartbeat, very high blood pressure, and abnormal behavior. It is a drug that should be taken with extreme caution. During our research, we found out that whatever weight is lost from using Bontril is often regained shortly after a dieter stops taking it.

Our Verdict

Regardless of whether it is taken under a doctor s supervision or not, we find the Bontril formulation to be too unsafe. Its severe side-effects far outweigh its benefits. We believe that obesity can be dealt with without having to take extreme forms of medication such as this drug.

Furthermore, a complete weight loss formula should contain fat burning agents as well as appetite suppressants. Bontril does not include a modern appetite suppressant such as Hoodia thus making it an incomplete formula.

While bontril has been approved by the Food and Drug Adminsitration to promote weight loss, it is habit forming and only for short term use. It can be found on multiple online pharmacies. However, we would not suggest taking it except under the supervision of a licensed and reputable physician.

Serious though it may be, obesity is not a problem that can only be treated by prescription drugs. There are safe and sensible ways to reduce weight. Eating a sensible diet and engaging in moderate exercise would go a long way in getting rid of excess fat. A supplement that aids in appetite control and boosts a sluggish metabolism would help sufferers get the most from a well designed weight loss program. There are many quality holistic supplements in the market with formulas that meet these requirements.

With safer and more effective options available, we believe there is no reason for dieters to even consider the prescription drug Bontril.

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