Why Circuit Training Will Help You Lose Weight Faster

By Marci Lall

There are many forms of training, so many in fact thats its really difficult to choose the type of training thats right for your specific goals. Research, as well real life case studies show that circuit training combined with super-setting produce amazing results for women who want to lose weight as well as tone and define their muscles.

Before I get into the basic guidelines of how to structure your workouts effectively, lets first take a detailed look at what circuit training and super-setting really is.

First, Circuit training can be simply defined as working the cardiovascular system and the muscular system all at the same time.

Circuit training is also great for anyone who doesnt have a lot of time to go on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then lift weights for another 30 minutes(raise you hand if you do this). When you circuit train you combine these two elements together to produce a high quality, top notch super workout. The way you want to structure your circuit training is to do an upper body exercise followed by a lower body exercise. This will allow you to give one area of your body a rest while you work another muscle group. You can take quick 10 second breaks in between if your just starting out. But after a while, and as your fitness level progresses you want to move from one exercise to the next without taking any breaks.

Super-setting is similar but when you superset you perform exercises for the opposing muscle groups. So for example lets say you did push-ups for your chest and triceps, right after that you would do bent over rows for the back muscles as well as your biceps. See how you work the opposing muscle groups? This is good because your muscles will get a rest before going on to the second set.

Now take both these principles and combine them together. I know youre sweating buckets just thinking about it. In this case you will be going 30 minutes non-stop keeping your heart rate up and increasing your lean muscle which will help kick start your metabolism over a period of time(don’t worry you wont get big and bulky). Now just imagine what would happen if you did this type of training for 30 minutes 3 times a week.


Can you see the new clothing you will have to buy? Can you see your confidence growing?

In a matter of time youll be in the best shape of your life. Just remember consistency as well as patience will give you the best results.

Heres a quick blueprint to help you structure your circuit training. All you have to do is fill in the blanks with exercises you feel are right for you.

Aerobic warm up 5-7 minutes

Do each exercise for 1 minute X 3 times 24mintues

1. Upper body exercise

2. Lower body exercise

3. Upper body exercise

4. Lower body exercise

5. Upper body exercise

6. Lower body exercise

7. Upper body exercise

8. Lower body exercise

Cool down 5 minutes

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