Weight Loss Florida Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Florida – Effectiveness of Weight Loss Surgery


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Over weight is the current health dilemma in the society, and it has affected a big percentage. Medical field have come up with many remedies, some have worked, and others have failed. These remedies include excises, diet, pills and surgery. There are renowned weight loss Florida centers, which have effectively treated the obesity problem of patients.

Diet and excises are two remedies that have failed in most people. Research suggests that obese individuals, who lose weight after diet or excises, gain back the weight after five years. This has begged the question, which is the best remedy to weight loss.


Weight loss by surgery has proved to be one of the most effective remedies to excess weight. Surgery maintains loss of about 50 to 70 % of excess weight in the body. LAP-BAND procedure is one of weight loss surgery, and it remains to be the most effective long term solution to excess weight. This is considering that the patient maintain a healthy lifestyle by excising and eating a healthy diet. Gastric bypass surgery is more effective, and individuals will lose more than half of their excess weight. But those who undergo the surgery have experienced serious side effects, and other complications. This shows LAP-BAND procedure is better remedy to Gastric bypass surgery. It is effective since it allows gradual and natural weight loss.

For surgical weight loss to be more effective, the patient must consider important factors. First, one must consider pre-surgery weight. Pre-surgery weight is BMI of the patient before surgery. In other words, the higher the BMI, the more excess weight the patient will lose. Lower BMI patients should consider diet and excises before adopting surgery. This is because they are closer to their ideal weight. The second factor to consider is overall health. Pre- existing disease in a patient with excess weight may affect final results after surgery. For example, type 2 diabetes, heart attack, back pain, depression, and sleep apnea are related to obesity. If surgery is done on obese patient, with these diseases, it is highly likely these diseases will increase after surgery. Therefore, it is advisable to consult medical doctor before having weight loss surgery.

The third factor to consider is surgical procedure. Surgery is a crucial medical activity, which requires high professionalism. Potential patients should look for the best

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doctors to perform their surgery. They should inquire about the professionalism and success of a doctor before starting their surgery. The fourth factor is to understand that surgery is not 100 % effective, and one must keep on excising and eating healthy diet. This fact will help the patient to weigh the need of weight loss surgery, while considering other remedies.

Lastly, patients with weigh problem need mental support from family and friends. This will help them to choose the best remedy for their weight problem. Stigmatization is highly discouraged, since it can aggravate the weight problem. Friends and family will connect weight patients to the best solutions possible. Therefore, before taking any step to go for weight loss surgery, first discuss the issue with your family and friends, then gauge their ideas and choose the best.

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