Simple Tricks For Learning Spanish For Beginners

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In this short article we will talk about a few simple ideas that will make it easier for you to learn beginners Spanish. By using this simple tricks and taking advantage of modern digital technology available everywhere you will be able to be much more productive while learning Spanish. The most important thing to remember along the process is: make sure to remain focused and have fun.

How to Learn Spanish Vocabulary Quickly


Although there are hundreds of different theories when it comes to learning Spanish vocabulary words, one that has proven to be highly productive is the one that most of us used to learn our native language, and that is paying attention to the words occurs most commonly used during conversations. Focusing on the most commonly used vocabulary words while learning a language is an excellent way to gain command of a language in a shorter period of time with less effort. If you spend some time thinking about it, why should you bother learning works that are not used frequently? It is much better to use your mental energy and time in learning the vocabulary and grammar that is used most of the time. Let’s think of learning Spanish for beginners for a moment, a good way to get a good idea about the words most commonly used in spoken Spanish, is to pay close attention to the kind of words we use while speaking in English. Just sit down and write down an imaginary dialogue that you might have upon arriving to a Spanish-speaking country (you can write this in English, don’t worry too much about it, one or two pages should be enough) and then begin by circling a specific word such as want , going or like ; make a list of the amount of times each word is repeated, and this will give you a hint of the kind of words that should be a priority as you continue to study Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

Listen to songs in Spanish (and print the lyrics)

Listening to music is another excellent way to practice your Spanish listening skills. Although this technique is often underappreciated, it is one of the most effective ways to improve your listening and comprehension skills while acquiring useful vocabulary. All you need to do is find a song that is relatively slow and easy to understand (phonetically, something along the lines of Frank Sinatra or any other song in which the words are clearly spoken), then go online and find the lyrics and read them a few times while you listen to the song. After that you will realize that a song in Spanish that used to seem apparently undecipherable, now it’s much easier to understand.

In the end, making sure you learn useful vocabulary and grammar is one of the best ways to learn Spanish productively while having fun as you continue to develop your Spanish speaking skills, but in the time to select or learning materials carefully in order to make sure being perseverance is much easier as you move along.

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