Serious Considerations Before Dropping Out Of College

Serious Considerations Before Dropping Out of College


Naomi Pickett College drop-outs might not have given up schooling if they had a choice. They probably would not even recommend that you leave when you can stay in school. So if you are looking into dropping out of college, you might want to consider these things first.Almost there You might be unhappy with the degree you are taking but before you waive the white flag, examine first the stakes involved. If you are already on your senior or final year, you probably could extend your patience and finish school instead. After all, you have already endured a lot -taking part time jobs just so you can help your parents pay for tuition fees. Don\’t throw away hard work you have already invested.Assistance within your reach Do you really have nowhere to go to for financial assistance? Before you decide to drop-out of school, coordinate first with the university guidance counselor. Seek for assistance in finding on-campus jobs. Be honest about your situation and of course let them know about your desire to finish schooling. They might be able to refer you to departments or faculty members in need of student assistants.Harder without a college diploma It is hard to find a full time job, well more so if you fail to finish college. While there have been debates about the value of college education versus its staggering cost, still you cannot ignore that companies are likely to require applicants to be college graduates. Credentials matter to employers, and your diploma can give you an edge over other hopefuls.Gap year Have you heard about students taking a year break from college to apply for internship or full-time jobs? If this is exactly what you are planning to do, ensure that you have somewhere to go to before you leave. Given that you are doing this so you can beef up your resume before you graduate from college, you should be able to use the time you are out of school to worthy endeavors, not bumming in your room.Decide wisely There\’s no denying that college education is costly. This is actually a major reason why students drop out. However, each student\’s situation varies with another. Some might have only started, while some might be nearing graduation already. Your decision depends on the circumstances you are in. In that case, you are the one most qualified to assess whether to continue schooling or not. So decide wisely. Look into all possible options, first.

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