Pagan Home Schooling

By Carol Currie

Nowadays we live in body were religion rules. What do I mean by that? I mean that altogether sorts of systems of ethics, religions, and anti-religions found openly in the world, anything goes and no one and only is hiding it! Due to this fact, there are heavy amounts of families that detect themselves with spouses of a distinctive good faith.

This doesn’t exclude families who like better to homeschool their children. Most of society thinks that homeschooling families like better homeschool because of their long-standing code of conduct in a particular system of belief be it Catholic or Christian like. This is true in some cases, irregardless some families prefer homeschool for accessory basis and find themselves with multi views on dogmas.


For example, a pagan other half and a Christianly wife? Where as in advance when the youth attended junior high school, it wasn’t much of a skepticism, nonetheless now that the kids are being homeschooled you grasp deeper of an advancement to consider and coach conviction. So what do you do? How do you homeschool if you are a Pagan and your wife is a Christly or even Jewish?

It’s effortless. Artistically, model, perhaps its not so smooth, yet it can be done with a little inquiry and pre-planning. Call for the model program and give instruction your children two different faiths which encourages them comprehend that everyone doesn’t think the same and how to know tolerance for others even when they are distinctive or think differently.

Scads of the holidays are acquainted with Pagan and Christian like connections. Make obligatory some time to dig to the chief of each religions holidays and obtain it as an educational go through. Tent some of these “restless holidays” where the kid doesn’t comprehend which way to party, Pagan or Christian like, to broaden the mind and instruct. Detract the pressure by giving your child background and particulars from each of the dad’s views and let them go along with their own conclusions.

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