Most Common Dog Health Concerns

Submitted by: Caroline R. Partin

They say that dogs are mans best friend. Many pet owners will agree that dogs take up a special place in ones heart. They are truly loving, loyal and fun pets to have. The health of your dog is very important. Knowing when something is wrong and when to call the veterinarian is extremely substantial. Because dogs are so playful, one telltale sign that a dog is feeling under the weather is when it is less active than usual. Sometimes even the simplest of things such as wheezing should be observed. To keep your dog in the best shape possible it is ideal to learn about some common dog health problems.

To a new dog owner it is not unusual to want to spoil your pet. Often times it is hard to just say no when a dog is begging for more food or an extra treat. However, sometimes you just have to learn to say no. When you take your dog to the veterinarian, you will be informed as to how much food intake your pet should have. This will depend on its breed and weight. Dogs always want more food. They know just how to use their big puppy dog eyes to get their pet parents wrapped around their little paws. Be aware that this is not a good habit to have. Obesity is one of the dog health concerns that are surprisingly extremely common for dogs. This troublesome trend can be avoided by making sure that your dog gets just the right amount of food per day with the added bonus of a treat every now and then for good behavior.


Heartworms are another concern for canine owners. Heartworms are parasites that are anywhere from 25cm-30cm long and live inside the dogs heart. These parasites like to feed off the dog s blood. This can be a very serious dog health problem to have. More often than not it is something as simple as a mosquito bite that causes heartworms. Heartworms can act fast and can even cause sudden death. Any type of coughing, apathy or weight loss should be a red flag. Preventing heartworms is always the best bet as there is no real way to protect your pet from a mosquito bite. There are vaccinations that local veterinarians can give to your pet to anticipate the attack of heartworms.

The most popular problem that dogs have is fleas. These tiny, quick parasites love to live off of the blood of dogs while their larvae get full off of organic waste like bits of fur. Flea control is necessary when you have a furry pet. Whether the dog is an indoor or outdoor pet there are preventative measures that can be taken. Applying insecticide to all areas that your pet frequents is a must. Purchasing flea powder, flea collars, flea combs and shampoo that is geared to killing such insects is also recommended.

If you are ever unsure that your pet is feeling unwell, never second- guess yourself when you feel like calling the veterinarian. One thing that should never be taken lightly is the health of your pet.

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