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Leather History



Leather History and Uses

Have you ever been interested in where leather originated from and how it is processed? There are many things out there on leather history and the process of making leather. Leather goods served many purposes in ancient times and leather also serves many purposes in the day and time. There are also methods of processing leather, such as the method of tanning leather. Some things have changed in the processing of leather in todays time then how it was processed in ancient times.


Ancient Times:

The earliest records date from the Paleolithic period on the use of leather. In ancient times leather was used for many things in peoples lives. Leather clothing served great proposes for harsh winters. Ancient times people would use the leather clothing to keep their bodies warm during these harsh winters. These people would use the leather as a source of clothing do to the weight and stability of the leather. The leather clothing was lighter and stronger then the fur clothing that the ancient people were accustoms to in their lives. This made leather very suitable to use for every day clothing use. The only draw back to using leather was the process of making it. Leather took a long time and skill to process the leather material.

Leather Uses:

There were many uses for leather in the ancient times and also in todays time. Leather was being used as everyday clothing. Where in todays time it is used as everyday clothing and also for fashion. Leather was used for body armor in the ancient times, for when the people would go off to war. They would use the leather material for weapons such as slings or bows. Leather material was used for boots and riding saddles back in the old west. It is still being used for this type of equipment in todays day and age. The ancient people of history would use leather material for hunting accessories. Another use for leather material back in history was for paper. They would use the leather material a writing surface.

Leather Processing:

Leather processing has change over the years, but there are still some things that cannot be out done from back in history. Back in history they would first immerse the raw hides and skins in a fermenting solution. This fermenting solution would have bacteria growing in the solution. This bacteria would attack the hides or skin. This attack on the hides or skin by the bacteria would result in the loosening of the on the hides or skin. The hair was then scraped off to get a clean hair free hide or skin. The raw stack then would be dusted with ground up bark that they had made. Then the raw stack would be placed into shallow pits of tannin solution. Then leather was then hung up for several days in open sheds. Then next came the dressing of the leather that was in process. This involved the people paring or shaving the raw leather material to a desired level of thickness. Then the processing of coloring the leather material took placket. Then the people would go through the process of treating the leather material. The leather material would be treated with oils. Then the leather material would have to get one more drying and final treatment for the grain surface with waxes.

We could keep going on about the fascinating history of leather and were it came from. The people in the past set up a legacy of leather use even for us today. When we go out riding we ware leather clothing. We are still using leather in horse riding and other western events. We have even adapted the leather use into are cars of today. So the use of leather in todays age still has not died out. We have just found more uses for leather in are every day life.

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Leather History