How To Make A Frilly Collar Or Ruffle For Your Dog

How to Make a Frilly Collar or Ruffle for your Dog


S. Roberts

Has your dog got somewhere special to go a party or a wedding maybe and you want them to look dressed up for the occasion? Well a frilly dog collar or a Ruffle for a lady dog is the perfect accessory and quick and easy to make.


If you are going to a medieval wedding a Ruffle is also great for a male dog. To make a frilly dog collar for a medium sized dog you will need Fabric I used Velvet, but anything you have to hand will do. Wide lace, Ribbon, Satin roses to decorate if desired. Cut out a rectangle of fabric 50 inches by 8 inches. Fold the two ends together and cut the corners so that they are rounded. Over lock or zigzag the edges of the fabric. Sew the lace to the edges of the fabric to cover the zigzag stitching. Theres no need to gather the lace sew it on flat. When you get back around to the beginning, let the lace overlap the starting lace by an inch or so. Fold the fabric in half lengthways with the right sides together and pin. This will show you where the centre of the strip is. Hand sew running stitches up the middle of the fabric drawing up the fabric tightly as you go. Un-pin and lay the fabric out wrong side up and mark the centre point. Take 54 inches of ribbon and cut the ends on a slant to prevent fraying. Find the middle of the ribbon and pin it into place on the centre point of the ruffle. Pin the ribbon onto the ruffle on the running stitches and then sew into place. Allow the wrong sides to close together to complete the frilly collar, and simply tie the ribbons in a bow around the dogs neck. You can add satin roses or ribbons to the ruffle at the front if you wish to. is a blog crammed full of arts and craft ideas for the garden, home and family. New Crafts are published on each week.

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How to Make a Frilly Collar or Ruffle for your Dog