Electrician Apprenticeships On The Increase, Opportunity Favours The Courageous!

Submitted by: Frances Hoofman

Electrician Apprenticeships are once again on the increase due to large numbers of graduate students searching for further education. The existing downturn means that individuals play the safety card, choosing supplemental modules at universities basically to be able to continue being in full time schooling. The nervousness about little or no employment seems to have brought about education leavers in search of lessons which they frequently are not suitable for or offer little benefit to what they in fact intend to achieve as a livelihood.

Newton s third law says that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction . It is very much the case here as well. What s taking place within the electrical trade, and indeed the entire building business, is that less and less college graduates have considered a career in construction as an option. They have, as reported previously, taken the convenient road. At the beginning of the downturn this could have been a good option, however this phenomenon has gone on. At present we re at saturation point!

Electrician Apprenticeships are down on their intake levels. Electrical contractors on the other hand are desperate for school leavers to request electrician apprenticeships. The level of competitiveness is lower, the amount of electrician job opportunities is up but nevertheless school leavers, blinded by the general point of view commonly, are not coming forward and grasping the chance.


Any time a specific thing is in short supply the selling price or demand goes up. I obviously don t wish to show you how to suck eggs but the truth here is that building projects are down, I am really not here to suggest otherwise. Yet we are at a point where the need for trained labour is so small that the country really needs recruits to come through the process. The scarcity of work has seen a great deal of unemployment, electrical companies just like every other market has been forced to minimize its costs. Qualified more high-priced labor has had to be laid off as a way for electrical companies to remain competitive for tendered work. Electrical companies still must provide the work however, just now with a lot fewer skilled and a great deal more trainees. This is a simple choice!

The usual wage that a Journeyman Electrician can expect to be paid is around $55,000 and as much as $78,000. If you keep up with the training and gain even more experience, then expect to earn around $85,000 as a Master Electrician. Thus the thing is that being an electrician and seeking out an electrician apprenticeship could possibly be the best step you could take. Staying on at school might seem like a decent option yet if it s merely to stay clear of becoming jobless then reconsider that thought. The work is out there, you really just need to be aware of where to look for it, what are the requirements and the direction to go next. Though the apprentice electrician is, needless to say, much lower than this, the prospects of these types of salary could possibly be as little as 4 to 5 years from today..

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